PROJECTS : painting the prom 2021


Good Stuff in St Leonards is a programme of creative activites and events led by local residents and facilitated by arts charity Home Live Art.

In March 2021, it organised Painting The Prom, a community-led project to decorate a stretch of 17 'suntrap' booths on the lower promenade of St Leonard's seafront, with murals designed by local residents based on the theme of 'daydreaming'.

Artwork was commissioned from four local community organisations and a competition was held in local primary schools. In addition there was a public call-out for local artists to submit designs for nine of the booths.

Alhambra was chosen from 161 artists' submissions and painted during May and June. The design was based on a wall mosaic in the Alhambra Palace, Grenada.


Installation on lower promenade at Goat Ledge,

St Leonards on Sea, June 2021 

Masonry paint & varnish

Alhambra, Painting The Prom, 2021