PROJECTS : postcard blue 2023

"Try something different from your usual practice"


In 2020s, we have social media and email, we don't send postcards any more. I've kept all the postcards I've been sent in the past. They came to me at a time in the last century when all holiday-makers would ritually send cards to loved ones. 

They have a peculiar quality. I was fascinated by the unreal technicolour hue of the sky in the various images, and warmed by the messages on the back from old friends and family (most of whom I’m no longer in touch with). It was interesting to see the ageing and staining on the reverse of the images, along with addresses of the various places I’ve lived in the past.

I selected twelve favourites and scanned both fronts and backs; I then digitally cut out the strange turquoise skies from the glossy fronts and pasted the cut-out skies onto the backs, to make one single image for each postcard. 

These were then printed onto matt paper, mounted on card and a layer of sealant applied; a gloss varnish was then handpainted onto the sky areas. 

Postcard Blue_Jack, Berlin

Postcard Blue_Jack, Berlin 

Digital print with varnish, 148mm x 105mm (1 in series of 12)

Exhibited at The Old Is Dying, a group show at Electro Studios, St Leonards on Sea, October 2023 (see below)

postcard blue gloss_1
postcard blue gloss_2
postcard blue gloss_3
postcard blue gloss_4
postcard blue gloss_5
postcard blue gloss_6
postcard blue gloss_7
postcard blue gloss_8
postcard blue gloss_9
postcard blue gloss_10
postcard blue gloss_11
postcard blue gloss_12

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Postcard Blue at The Old Is Dying
Postcard Blue_Steve, Switzerland
Postcard Blue_Spencer, Germany
Postcard Blue_M&D, Somerset
Postcard Blue_Dave & Steve, Germany
Postcard Blue_Maureen, Norway
Postcard Blue_Peter, Italy
Postcard Blue_Sally, India
Postcard Blue_Lezli-An, Orkney
Postcard Blue_Madeline, Portugal
Postcard Blue_Jim, Poland
Postcard Blue_Jack, Berlin
Postcard Blue_Jonathan, Brittany